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Discover the exclusive experience of our spacious villa for rent.

With its 9 comfortable rooms, each equipped with private bathrooms and toilets, it can accommodate up to 18 people. For your special occasions, request a personalized quote. Enjoy a lush garden with a large pool (14m x 7m), illuminated at night. Security is ensured 24/24 with a guardian and cameras. A cook is also available to enhance your stay.

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Luxury experience

Rooms & Suites

 Riad Marrakech - Luxury Accommodation for an Authentic Moroccan Experience
Luxury experience

Main Facilities

Large Bath Room

Our accommodations feature generously sized bathrooms designed to provide a luxurious and comfortable retreat.

Swimming Pool

Whether you're seeking a refreshing morning swim, a leisurely afternoon by the water, or a relaxing evening dip, our swimming pool offers a serene oasis for guests to unwind.

Room Service

Our dedicated room service ensures that you can savor the culinary offerings in the comfort of your accommodation.

Bar & Restaurant

Immerse yourself in a delightful dining experience, where our skilled chefs craft a menu that tantalizes your taste buds.

Private Parking

Our accommodations offer the assurance of secure and dedicated parking spaces exclusively for our guests.

Wahsing Machine

Our accommodations are equipped with modern washing machines, allowing you to refresh your wardrobe and maintain a clean and polished appearance during your stay.

High Speed Wifi

Our establishment is equipped with high-speed WiFi to ensure a seamless and efficient connectivity experience for our guests.

Air Condition

Our accommodations are equipped with efficient air conditioning systems to ensure a cool and refreshing environment, especially during warm weather.

Local Amenities


Experience the artistry of Moroccan cuisine as our restaurants offer a blend of traditional dishes and modern interpretations. Delight in the aromatic spices, savory tagines, and sweet pastries that define Moroccan gastronomy. Our provide a cultural and culinary journey, allowing you to savor the essence of Morocco without leaving the comfort of our establishment. Indulge in the warm ambiance, attentive service, and the distinctive tastes of Morocco right at your doorstep.

Local Amenities

Art & Culture

Embarquez pour un voyage de découverte avec notre installation principale dédiée à l'art et à la culture marocaines. Plongez-vous dans la riche tapisserie du patrimoine artistique du Maroc, avec des expositions captivantes, des artefacts traditionnels et des expressions culturelles qui reflètent l'histoire vibrante du pays. Du carrelage complexe aux peintures expressives, nos espaces mettent en valeur la beauté et la diversité des traditions artistiques marocaines. Vivez des événements culturels et des spectacles qui donnent vie à l’esprit du Maroc. Que vous soyez amateur d'art ou simplement curieux, notre engagement envers l'art et la culture marocaine vous garantit un séjour immersif et enrichissant, vous permettant de vous connecter avec le patrimoine unique de cette destination captivante.


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